The World of RH

Restoration Hardware catalog inside a leather bag

The World of RH

The House that Gary Friedman Built

What began with a single assignment to redesign a bath catalog in 2006 evolved into an ongoing collaboration and a vast scope of work that literally transformed Restoration Hardware, including the 2012 rebranding to the more refined RH.

branding, source book design, print advertising, product curation & launches, creative direction, digital marketing, print collateral

Restoration Hardware branding and source book
catalog spreads
catalog spreads
Restoration Hardware catalog on a glass table with a glass of water and small glass fishbowl
catalog spreads
catalog spreads
catalog spreads
RH Contemporary Art over an evening shot of New York City

RH Contemporary Art

Fine Art & Commerce

RHCA is a multichannel platform dedicated to bringing the work of emerging artists to global audiences.

identity, website design (collaboration with Huge SF), bi-annual journal, stationery & show collateral

Restoration Hardware Contemporary Art website on a couple of iPads
Restoration Hardware Contemporary Art catalogs 1 & 2
catalog spreads
a room with various guitars and leather furniture

RH Music

A New Spin on Retail

The re-imagined RH included creating RH Music, a record label and music platform dedicated to new music by emerging artists. Below: Swapadelic Soul, the debut album and CD by Larkin Poe, the soul-singing and songwriting duo Rebecca and Megan Lowell.

identity, album & cd packaging, visual & video direction

Larkin Poe Album Cover
desk with turntable and various records

On That Note

Gary Friedman has served as our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, and Founder of the RH brand as we know it today since January 2014. Eighteen years ago, Mr. Friedman began his journey with a vision of transforming a nearly bankrupt business that had a $20 million market cap and a box of Oxydol laundry detergent on the cover of it’s catalog into the leading luxury home brand in the world.

Gary Friedman standing in front of the San Francisco bay
the Ron Soleimani Rug Collection

The Ben Soleimani

Rug Collection

A collaboration including an identity, brand collateral materials, catalogs, and advertising campaigns with RH Artisan Ben Soleimani quickly became a $100M+ business.

front and back cover of the Restoration Hardware rugs catalog

identity, stationery, packaging, print advertising, retail catalogs, assortment curation & pagination, video

Restoration Hardware Rugs catalog spreads
Restoration Hardware Rugs catalog spreads
Restoration Hardware Rugs catalog spreads
catalog spread featuring profile of Ben Soleimani